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Our Story

Our Mission

To be the first choice in beer distribution as measured by our customers and by our suppliers. We are proud to represent the finest portfolio of domestic, craft and imported brands in the industry, to provide value added service and to invest in the training and development of our employees.

Amoskeag Beverages LLC serves the entire state of New Hampshire, operating from a 205,000 square foot facility based in Bow NH. Amoskeag is the largest beverage wholesaler in the state selling over 6 million cases of beer and Red Bull annually.

Currently employing over 250 people and servicing over 3000 licensed and non licensed accounts in the state. Amoskeag Beverages LLC proudly represents brands from such companies as: MillerCoors, Boston Beer Company, Constellation Brands, Red Bull, Diageo Guinness USA, North American Breweries, Harpoon, Mikes Hard Lemonade, Pabst Brewing Company, Smuttynose Brewing, Sierra Nevada, and Woodstock Brewing.

We are proud of the people who work for Amoskeag Beverages LLC and also proud to represent the finest portfolio of domestic, craft, and imported brands in the industry.


Our History

  • 1946
    •  The Beginning
      Amoskeag Beverages has a long and distinguished past deeply rooted in New Hampshire history. The company was incorporated in 1946, operating in a garage on Rimmon Street in Manchester NH under the direction of Thomas J Fillon. In the early 1950’s the Cloutier family took over the business distributing such products as Schlitz, Henley Ale and Beer, and Carlings Red Cap. Eventually other brands such as Dawson, Colicroot Club, Harvard, Holliman, and Champale became part of the Amoskeag Beverages portfolio which continued to grow steadily through the 60’s and early 70’s.
    • change
      It wasn’t until 1974 when Robert “Bo” Dickson and Gordon Welch purchased Amoskeag Beverages Inc from the Cloutier family that things began to slowly change. After a few years Gordie decided to leave Amoskeag and Tom Bullock joined Bo as a business partner. In 1979 having outgrown the facility on Rimmon Street, Amoskeag moved to a new warehouse on Route 3-A in Hooksett NH. Just prior to the move Mark Janulis entered as a business partner with Bo and Tom. Throughout the next 9 years all three did whatever it took to keep the company going during some very lean years! By now the Amoskeag Beverages Portfolio had grown to include St, Pauli Girl, Genesee, Schmidts, Red White & Blue, Narragansett, Ballantine, Falstaff, and some Non Alcoholic brands.
    • Miller Time
      June 1988 proved to be a turning point for Amoskeag Beverages Inc! Good Life Beverage Company’s contract to distribute Miller Brewing Company’s products for the state of New Hampshire was terminated and the rights were awarded to three companies. Under the new agreement Amoskeag now had distribution rights for Miller Brewing Company products in over 50% of the states geography. In addition during this time Amoskeag secured distribution agreements with Boston Beer Company (Sam Adams), Gambrinus (Corona) and Molson. Along with the new brands came significant investment in people, equipment, and a new warehouse which was also located on Route 3-A in Hooksett NH. Amoskeag Beverages Inc was now the largest distributor for Miller Brewing Company, Boston Beer, Gambrinus, Molson, and Genesee in the state of New Hampshire.
  • 1974
    •  Bo & Mark
      Robert “Bo” Dickson passed away May 15, 1997. He was instrumental in securing the distribution rights for Miller, Sam Adams, Corona, and Molson and it is largely because of Bo that Amoskeag is still here today. Bo’s legacy lives today, he made tremendous contributions both in the beer business and the athletic community across the state of New Hampshire that all continue to this day. Mark Janulis passed away April 23, 1999. Mark was the driving force in operations and paved the way for how we operate today.
  • 1988
    •  Transition
      During the 90’s and early 2000’s there was a great deal of transition within the beer industry both nationally and locally. The craft beer movement was being led by brands such as Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada. Beverages such as Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Twisted Tea, and Red Bull entered Amoskeag Beverages ever expanding portfolio of brands. In addition to new brands there was also change within the organization at Amoskeag. Ed Murphy and Kevin Emmons entered into a business agreement with Tom Bullock and joined him as partners. Besides new brands and new leadership the landscape of the beer business nationally was changing and consolidation of smaller wholesalers was coming to New Hampshire.
    • Consolidation
      December 31, 2004 Amoskeag Beverages Inc, closed on the acquisition of the distribution rights for the Miller Brewing Company products in Cheshire and Sullivan counties and parts of Hillsboro and Grafton counties from Senecal Beverages. These added approximately 540,000 cases annually to Amoskeag’s already growing volume. In May of 2008 Amoskeag closed on the acquisition of the distribution rights for Boston Beer, Crown Imports, Mikes Hard Lemonade, and Genesee from Senecal Beverages in the same geography as the Miller acquisition. This added close to another 600,000 cases annually. Amoskeag Beverages Inc, now sold 3.5 million cases annually and serviced 80% of the state with its beer portfolio and 100% of the state with Red Bull.
  • 2009
    •  Joint Venture
      February 11, 2009 Amoskeag Beverages Inc and Capitol Distributors Inc entered into an agreement to merge the two companies into a new entity named Amoskeag Beverages LLC. Amoskeag is operated by Tom Bullock COB, Ed Murphy President.