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Customer Service you’d sit down and have a drink with

The relationships we have with our partners are as important as the products we ship. We understand the distinct needs of Retailers and Suppliers and work hard to help you meet your goals, grow your profile, and ultimately give your customers what they want – the best beverages in their hands.


services for retailers

Since 1946, our retail customers have trusted Amoskeag to distribute in-demand brands accurately and efficiently. So that’s what we’ve done for over 75 years, because every case delivered is an opportunity to grow our amazing relationships. You’re our neighbors, after all.

  • Our vast portfolio of innovative, market-leading products.
  • A trusted process that ensures timeliness and accuracy on all orders.
  • A local salesforce working to serve the needs of our retailers.
  • Dedicated chain department focusing on the growth and needs of our national and local chain retailers.

services for suppliers

We want your beverage to be the biggest brand it can be. Our sales, marketing and distribution infrastructure is in place to help you grow your market share while giving you the best possible experience working with our team. We love what you make, and we want everyone to know it.

  • Dedication to building and growing brands.
  • A proven winning infrastructure.
  • Chain and key account sales teams covering all local and national chains.
  • Best in class quality assurance from warehouse to shelf.
  • Strategic annual planning process.
  • Turn-key sampling opportunities with coverage of the entire state of New Hampshire  supported by Sandpiper Brands LLC.

Amoskeag is the best beverage distributor in the state! Hell, we even named a key structural component in our building after their sales manager!

AJ Coreia at Stateline Rt 13

Amoskeag Beverages has been an unbelievable supporter to our locations in NH. The professionalism and customer service is second to none!

Ben Lee at BWW

We’ve been a customer of Amoskeag for over 25 years. The personal attention and product knowledge from the sales team has been superior. I always have been confident that Amoskeag will go above and beyond to meet the needs of our business!

Penuches Management Team

At Pizza Co we work with 4 beer distributors and 4 Craft breweries directly! With so many styles and choices these days, it is important that when we go through a list of beers that they are well defined. Style, ABV and flavor profile are important to selecting our ever changing portfolio. Amoskeag does a great job meeting those informational needs! Keep up the good work!